Picnic Caters!

Maybe you knew it…or maybe you didn’t…but Picnic provides full professional catering services for all kinds of personal and professional events! Picnic is about the food, and that means our food being enjoyed anywhere you need us to be!


Dinner Parties

We cater for dinner parties in your home, or special venues. Picnic can provide that special extra for your personal party.



We can cater for your special day, with Picnic responsible for your catering, you’ll have 1 less thing to worry about!



If your company is holding any sort of promotional event, and your guests need feeding, let us know.











We can offer catering for dinner parties, brunches, baby showers, weddings, press days, parties and all sorts of unique events. If you want to talk to us about any of your catering requirements, big or small, get in touch

We offer catering experiences, to add the finest culinary touch to your events!